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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Fetsko I. Structural models of composite terms with the museum component (based on museum studies terminology) //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2014. # 791.


Ivanna Fetsko

 Ivan Franko National University of Lviv





Fetsko I. M., 2014


The article indicates the specificity of the term as an inseparable element of a term system. It examines term combinations with the component museum and its derivatives in the Ukrainian term system of Museum Studies fixed in present-day terminological dictionaries relating to the field, distinguishing structural models of formation of these analytical terms.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, composite term, structural model, museum, studies terminology, component museum.


The term is a structural and semantic unity designating a certain notion. Terms arise in a professional milieu and are used in the terminating function only. Terminological aspect is important to any science and to Museum Studies it is a determining component of its basis. The Museum Studies terminological system as that of nominating museum phenomena and notions presents a large and extremely significant layer of vocabulary of the Ukrainian language.

Each term is an inseparable element of the terminological system, which is a set of elements of one whole united by special and durable connections, denoting a system of theoretical notions and describing a certain special area of human knowledge or activity. The terminological system of Museum Studies has not been an object of special linguistic analysis up till now. However, there are several publications authored by R.Mykulchyk and O.Perelyhina connected mostly with the drawbacks of the terminological system.

The topicality of the research is first of all connected with the growing interest of Ukrainian scholars to terminological systems of various branches of knowledge in general and Museum Studies in particular, as well as their search for ways of solving urgent practical issues of building up the newest terminological systems in the present-day literary Ukrainian language. The structural analysis of composite terms with the museum component and its derivatives is topical as it opens the prospect of studying the sources to replenishing the terminological system of Museum Studies, helps to reveal the problems of present-day terminology and makes it possible to suggest ways of solving them.

While examining term combinations with the museum component and its derivatives in the Ukrainian terminological system of Museum Studies registered in present-day terminological dictionaries of Museum Studies, we have singled out the structural models according to which these analytical terms were built. In the course of analysis specificities of the order of components were characterized.

On the basis of analysis of the structure of composite terms with the museum component and its derivatives one arrives at a conclusion that analytical constructions are most accurate in reflecting the contents of Museum Studies notions.



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