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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"

№ 791

Kochan I. Legal terminology in terms of linguistics //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". – 2014. – # 791.


Iryna Kochan

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


Legal Terminology in terms of linguistics


© Kochan I. M., 2014


The article presents an overview of scientific works devoted to the study of the language of juridical field that covers general theoretical problems of juridical terminology, its history, formation and development issues, precision and normativity of separate terms and also linguistic features of separate juridical terminology.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, term, juridical terminology, linguistics.


Law as one of the divisions of the scientific sphere has its own language specifics because it covers a number of independent scientific fields and practical subjects. This word denotes the concept of the state system, constitutional, civil, family, labor, administrative, criminal, housing, economic, financial and procedural (civil and criminal)etc. law. And each of these sections has a number of its units, which often exist as separate disciplines.

Each of these law areas has its own linguistic, logic and graphical base. Language framework should be accurate, clear and simple. The accuracy of information in legal acts is accomplished by logical sequence of thought, its semantic completeness, the use of certain ways of word instructions, the use of terms with a clear and strict meaning, definition of words and expressions in the direct meanings.

The aim of the article is to analyze scientific works on various aspects of the Legal terminology research that were published in scientific terminology proceedings "Ukrainian terminology and modernity" and "Problems of Ukrainian terminology" over the period of 2000-2013 years

The chosen topics are relevant due to the absence of a generalized view of linguistic works aimed at the study of professional vocabulary of legal areas.

General theoretical problems of legal terminology were discussed in the research of N. Artykutsa.

Historical aspects of formation and setting of legal terminology were within sights of M. Panochko, I.Farion,, L.Vasylkova. Thus M. Panochko studied the setting of a legal term system in Western scientific sources of middle 19th century. Irina Farion focused on the Constitution of Philip Orlik (1710) in the light of its basic cognitive terms. LadaVasylkova writes about the functioning of the criminal law vocabulary in written monuments of Kyiv Rus based on "Povist vremennyh lit", and on the texts of Rusko-Byzantine treaties.

Linguistic peculiarities of legal terms are described by H.Onufriyenko, N. Rukolyanska. Some terms of the legal sphere were described by: LadaVasylkova ("right", "law"), A. Tokarska (words with the component "right"), Oksana Ben ("international law"), Svitlana Tolsta ("power").

The article also deals with the study of the terminology of criminal, civil, property, sports law, forensic medicine. However, not all subsystems of law came to the attention of scientists and linguists. There is still plenty of work to do for young researchers.



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