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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Vaskovets L. Peculiarities of treasury term system establishment and development //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2014. # 791.


Lyudmila Vaskovets

Kovel Industrial-economic College of Lutsk NTU


Peculiarities of treasury term system establishment and development


Vaskovets L. P., 2014


The article is dedicated to specific features of treasury terminology formation: the process of its development is characterized and the origin of the term treasury retraced. The conceptual apparatus of the area that occurred at the intersection of general and special economic sciences is investigated. Forms of interaction between treasury and other term systems are also defined in the article. Great attention is paid to the enrichment of treasury terminology with terms adopted from other branches of economy as donor branches.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, treasury, treasury terminology, economic vocabulary, donor branch.


The article considers the peculiarities of treasury term system establishment, characterizes its development process, and traces the origin of the term treasury.

The term treasury is said to be derived from the notion of chest (state treasury) that in English means treasure, value, worth and in Turkic the total bankroll of the state.

The article proves that modern Ukrainian treasury term system seceded from economic term system and became a separate scientific discipline which is used in treasury affairs. For this reason its conceptual structure was formed on the intercrossing of general economic and special economic fields. It is represented in the language by nomenclature. Therefore the treasury term system was enriched by a great deal of terms borrowed from such economic branches as accountancy, audit, finance, tax system.

There are various forms of interaction between treasury and economic term systems: 1) functioning of the main economic terms with the same meaning and without changing the semantic structure; 2) semantic narrowing of an economic term as a result of its use as a treasury term; 3) use of economic and special terms as structural components combined with new semantic specifiers to form treasury terminological phrases.

Emphasis was put on the fact that the treasury nomenclature would not be complete without special economic terms that denote complex (derived) notions taken from financial-credit, tax and price systems. In the process of the inclusion of terminological innovations into treasury terminological system a tendency of their standardization and contraction can be observed.

It can be concluded that Ukrainian economic vocabulary was influenced by different historical factors connected with the process of Ukrainian economic mind establishment and development, differentiation of its branches and fields. Modern Ukrainian treasury term system became an independent nomenclature as a result of a long term search using the achievements of various economic disciplines. It is an open dynamic language system with divergent origin.

Therefore economic nomenclature and special economic terms contribute to treasury term system though the peculiarities of logical semantic content of this branch caused specification, substantiation, differentiation and specialization of the main economic terms.



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