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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Mentynska I. Correlation of synonyms and variants in the modern computer terminology //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2015. # 817.


Mentynska Iryna

Lviv Polytechnic National University 


Correlation of synonyms and variants in THE modern computer terminology


Mentynska I. B. , 2015


The functioning of synonymy and variability in computer terminology have been examined in the article. Types of synonymous pairs and variant forms have been analyzed, the character of the synonymous relations between the terms of this branch have been reviewed. The investigation enables to reveal the peculiarities of the synonymy and variability in modern computer terminology, to follow the development tendency of these phenomenon, and contributes to the observation of ways and means of normalization of synonymous terms and variants.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, computer terminology, synonymic terms, lexical synonyms, synonyms-doublets, lexical-semantic synonyms, morpho-syntactic synonyms, orthographic variants, wordforming variants, abbreviation.


In computer terminology we suggest to distinguish synonyms and variability by the following features: semantic and formal.

Lexical synonyms. Existing in modern computer terminology (MCT) lexical synonyms are realized by such types: 1) proper Ukrainian term- proper Ukrainian term, e.g. vyokremyty vyriznyty; 2)borrowed term, e.g.: brauzer (brovzer)- ohliadach; instaliatsia- ustanovlennia; 3) international term proper Ukrainian term, e.g.: adapter-prystosovuvach; vizualizatsia- unaochnennia;deklaritsia-oholoshennia; 4)borrowed term-borrowed term, e.g.: bullit-marker; 5)borrowed term-international term, e.g.: brauzer(brovzer)-transliator,avtoryzatsia-identyfikatsia, freim-kadr,refaktoryng-reorganizatsia.

Morpho-syntactic synonyms are differentiated according to the part of speech relation: noun terms: pomylka- bag, eror ( error),monitor-dyspley, rarely the verbal ones are used ( mainly names of the commands) skasuvaty- anuliuvaty,vuokremyty-vyriznyty,kopiiuvaty-kseryty; adjective terms also occur: kontrafactnyi-pidrobnyi, dialigovyi-interaktyvnyi,onlainovyi-internetnyi; According to its structure,we distinguish the following: 1. One-word term - one-word term: a)one-word term→  term- composite: plotter-grafobudivnyk; b)term -juxtaposed → term juxtaposed: internet adresa-IP-adresa,veb-adresa; c) term-composite→ term-composite: avtokoreliatsia-samouzhodzhennia, samokorelatsia; d) term-composite →term-juxtaposed: infologichnyi- informatsiino-logichnyi; 2. Terminological compound one-word term: a)  word compound→ compound term ( juxtaposed): postachalnyk onlainovoi informatsii- content-provaider, b) word-compound→ one-word term: merezhevyi shchodennyk-blog. 3. Terminological compound terminological compound. Among this group we distinguish synonyms, that differentiate: a)by its first component (in preposition): trankyngova systema-ziednuvalna  systema, b) by its second component (in postposition): ridkokrystalichnyi dyspley-  ridkokrystalichnyi indykator; b)  by two components: chastota regeneratsii- vidnovlennia ekrana monitora.

Orthoepic, orthographic variants: autentyficatia/avtentyficatsia, strimer/strymer. Word-formation  variants: suffix variants: zastosuvannia/zastosunok; rastruvannia/rastryzatsia,koder-koduvalnyk: prefix variants: bistabilnyi/dvostabilnyi ( borrowed prefix and autochthonous), ogliadach/peregliadach. Morphological variants: ( klavish/klavisha). Syntactic variants: zavantazhuvalnyi modul/modul  zavantazhennia, skryptova mova/mova skryptiv. Abbreviations: PK- personalnyi computer; PS- poshtova skrynka; BD-baza danyh, VIS- velyka integralna shema;GB- gigabait.

Conslusion. During  the investigation of MCT the synonyms on lexical, morphological and syntactic levels have been revealed; variability  have been discovered at orthoepic and orthographical, word-forming ,morphological and syntactic  levels as well as on one component terms, word compound and abbreviation levels. At the present stage of development of computer terminology the phenomenon of synonyms and variability is associated with the search for the best means of naming of the computer concepts. Statistical data discovers that there are more synonymous pairs than variants. This indicates that the problem of synonyms and variability is relevant today, remains a subject of active discussion and requires integrated approach to solve it



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