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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Nikulina N. Terminology modernization: "Transport terminology megasystem" concept //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2015. # 817.


Nlia Nikulina

Kharkiv National Automobile and Highway University




Nikulina N. V., 2015


The basic principles of developing a structural model of the transport terminological megasystem taking into account the methodology of systematic approach and pragmatic principles of forming standard terminological systems of related industries are summarized.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, terminology, systematic approach, terminological system, terminological megasystem.


Given the fact that the range of our research interests is limited to the transport sector, the concept of mega-system in the given article will be used to develop the structure and principles of the transport terminology mega-system covering the terminology field of production and non-production needs of the economy and the population in all modes of transportation. Note that general issues of terminology studies of recent decades referred to different modes and sub-modes of transport: air transport (G. Basov, M. Bondarchuk, S. Borisova, M. Moskaliova,  L. Khalinovska), aerospace transport (O. Akmaldinova, Bakharlu Hadi, R. Hilchenko, N. Demidenko, M. Kazachkova), automobile transport (L. Voskresenska, V. Zakharova, T. Mishina, N. Nikulina, A. Pavlova, G. Vogel), railway transport (S. Barak, O. Bartashova, Z. Bulat, E. Hanish, T. Orlov), sea transport (I. Bondarenko, B. Bohorodskyi, O. Voytseva, M. Popov, N. Polupanova), pipeline transport (M. Ginsburg, N. Gorokhova, S. Doroshenko), lifting and transport equipment (R. Ardovska), shipbuilding (A. Lisahor, C. Pavlov, T. Shtyrbu) both in Ukrainian and foreign terminology.

Consequently, the transport terminology mega-system is a complex hierarchical terminological unity modeled with the help of self-assembled components (other terminology systems) that have their own special meaning, but interact with each other in order to achieve a common goal passenger transportation and production and non-production freight transportation. The components (constituents) of transport terminology mega-system are terminological systems of such types of transport as rail, river, sea, automobile, air, and pipeline.

Hereafter, we will face the theoretical and applied problem of further research of building a mega-system, its structure and partition into sub-systems and micro-systems, when it is not only necessary to have the terminological units representing major types of transport, but also naming units to indicate goods (freight and passenger transportation), the transportation process, insurance and legal activity when carrying out transportation endeavors.

A more extended description of the principles of developing a transport terminology mega-system and its features requires further study and distinct research, enabling our scientific development prospects for the future.



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