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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Bondarchuk L. Functionally adequate translation of scientific literature (on the material of English and Ukrainian texts of economic content) //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2016. # 842.


Liudmyla Bondarchuk

L'viv National Agrarian University


Functionally adequate translation of scientific literature

(on the material of English and Ukrainian texts of economic content)


 Bondarchuk L. Y., 2016


The given article is dedicated to the principles of functionally-adequate English-Ukrainian translation of scientific literature of conomic content. Principal translation models of such a translation are outlined. Some trends of adopting target texts to the education purposes of a modern Ukrainian student obtaining Economic qualification

Keywords: Ukrainian language, English, scientific literature of conomic content, functionally adequate approach, translation, target text, transformation model, educational purpose.


The given article is dedicated to the problems of functionally adequate translation one of the principal ways of rendering foreign economic literature into Ukrainian. The paper examines 10 samples of original English-American literature of the mentioned above field of research and their Ukrainian translated equivalents. The contrastive lexically-stylistic analysis of the collected corpus gives us the opportunity to arrive at the conclusion that only 3 translation works are made by total reproduction of the original ones. The rest are characterized by various sorts of functional modifications. Therefore, we are allowed to state that reproduction of the original here is made without adequate rendering of semantic and stylistic characteristics of all lexemes, sentences, passages and even chapters. Translation works here are aimed at rendering basic communicative functions of the original. Functionally adequate translation is characteristic for, first of all, current applied literature focused on its exact purposes lying in passing its scientific information in adequate volumes and frequently ignoring stylistic and formal factors. The most vivid technique of functionally adequate translation is reducing the original text on various levels (starting from lexemes). And, on the contrary, we may witness here supplying the target texts with additional fresh information on the global and Ukrainian economies. Adapting the target texts to the needs of Ukrainian recipients (mainly students or scholars in the field of economics) translators (sometimes qualified economists or lecturers of universities) supply their translation works with glossaries, various referential materials, lists of recommended literature, current Internet data etc.

Such sort of scientific translation, probably, has all chances to be invalid in future. Nevertheless, at the current moment it proved to be a very convenient and logical way of both introducing vital foreign ideas and highlighting our domestic economic events and scientific positions.


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