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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Burkovska O. The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2016. # 842.


Olena Burkovska

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv


The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology


Burkovska O. B., 2016


In the article considered the role of the Commission Terminology at the Ukrainian economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) to form the Ukrainian forestry terminology in 20tieth of the twentieth century. In the article analyzed the terms denoting concepts forestry recorded the Forestry dictionary. German-Ukrainian (1928), made their lexical and semantic analysis.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, term, terminology, forestry, Ukrainian forestry terminology, lexical-semantic groups.


The article considers the role of the Commission Terminology at the Ukrainian economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) in the formation of Ukrainian forestry terminology in the 1920s. The article analyses the terms denoting forestry as in the "Forestry dictionary. German-Ukrainian" (1928), and their lexical and semantic analysis is done.

The real phenomenon of Ukrainian forestry terminology in the early twentieth century was the work of terminological commission at the Ukrainian economic academy (UEA) in Podebrady (Czech Republic).

Members of the Terminology Committee (Chykalenko Y. and M. Levytsky) were overcome by variance, normalization and unification of the Ukrainian language, which, because of the specific historical development in different states, suffered the significant contamination of Russian and Polish words.

To solve problems related with writing textbooks, creating dictionaries of Forestry Terms, every faculty of UEA created special terminological committees in summer in 1922. They found difficulties in terminology and optimal translation for borrowed Ukrainian terms and function lexis.

Members of the Main Terminology Committee (MTC) in the UEA (since 1925) have made efforts to create terminological dictionaries. As the result "Forest and technical dictionary. German-Ukrainian" (Podebrady, 1928) was published. It is lexicographic work that presents the Ukrainian translation for German Forestry terms. The dictionary covers all the lexical and semantic groups and major general forestry concepts. Among the terms that denote the basic concepts of Forestry are the following lexical and semantic groups: names of tree species, the names of types, components and characteristics of forests, names of processes using special wood stock, names of cultivation processes, formation and renewal of forests, forest cutting processes, names associated with forestry economy.

Most forestry terms lay the basis of modern Ukrainian Forestry terminology, such as thiness, boled forest, soil science, wood, breed stands.

Under the auspices of the MTC and using terminological dictionaries it became possible to form the corpus of main terms and concepts of forestry and classify the Ukrainian forestry terminology in the early twentieth century. The political events, active work of IUNM, high level of theoretical research in forestry and development of practical forestry had positive impact on cooperation with MTC and directed the unification and standardization within forestry terminology in the national mainstream.


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