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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Konivitska T. Phraseological units in Ukrainian economic terminology //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2016. # 842.


Tetyana Konivitska

Lviv Polytechnic National University


Phraseological units in the system of Ukrainian economic terminology


Konivitska T. Ya., 2016


In the article there are highlighted functioning of phraseological units in Ukrainian terminological system of Finance and Economics. The author focuses on the problem of their definition. The article highlights the peculiarities of the phraseological units with terminological meaning in the dictionary of Finance and Economic. The author presents the semantic types of the researched lexical units.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, terminological system of Finance and Economics, phraseologisation, phraseological unit with terminological meaning, idiomatic terms, semantic types.


The article deals with the functioning of term phraseological units in Ukrainian financial and economic terminology and special emphasis is put on the issue of their definition. The article analyses the peculiarities of phraseological units on the material of Financial and economic dictionary by A. Zahorodniy and H. Voznyuk. The semantic relations and types of the units are discovered.

A lot of research work is carried out on phraseology and especially on financial and economic terminology. However, the study of peculiarities of phraseological units in dictionaries of financial and economic terminology needs a deeper approach. There is a current tendency of increasing the number of phraseological units not only in everyday communication or fiction but also in professional usage and their arrangement in dictionaries of economics.

The article presents the general classification of term phraseological units of Ukrainian financial and economic terminology:

  term phraseological units according to the criterion of semantic fusion (semantically , );

synonymy of term phraseological units in dictionaries of finance and economics. Two groups of are defined 1) two synonymous term phraseological units (idioms); 2) term phraseological unit synonymous with common terminological word combination;

  antonymy of term phraseological units is defined according to the opposite sense and contrasting of their components;

  term phraseological units with colors names that were formed by metaphorization.

In the article considers many term phraseological units in Ukrainian economic terminology and indicates the increasing of the number of idiomatic terms found by authors in dictionaries giving them a terminological definition. Ukrainian financial and economic terminology functions not in isolation but actively uses the phraseology gains from other sectors and national language. In the process of development of terminology there is inevitable interaction with other styles of speech, especially spoken, where the basis is national language; phraseological slang terms are increasingly used in financial and economic areas, providing communication process with certain ease, irony and other stylistic coloring.


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