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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Kozelko I. Linguistic terminology as object of scientific research in the late XX early XXI century //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2016. # 842.


Iryna Kozelko

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University




Kozelko I. R., 2016


Linguistic terminology was the object of dissertations which are analysed in the article. These papers touch both description of linguistic terminology system on the whole and in concrete grammars or in the works of scientists of the past in particular. Research of concrete terminology system in diachrony and synchrony is allowed to understand the process of development of linguistic terminology system.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, linguistic terminology, terminology studies, diachrony, synchrony, review.


At the end of the XX at the beginning of XXI century linguistic terminology attracted the attention of many Ukrainian scientists. They examined the history of becoming specific terms and linguistic terminology of the Ukrainian language in general and in the works of some grammarians of the past.

The process of development of linguistic terminology is investigated by scientist in dissertations, both diachronic and synchronic, allowing to understand the level of study of development and formation of this terminology.

Therefore, dissertations, in which examines linguistic terminology are divided into several groups: 1) which deals with linguistic terms in diachrony; 2) on asynchronous cut; 3) in comparable aspect; 4) consideration of linguistic terms in the works of some scholars or public figures; 5) which deals with the terminology of some sections of linguistics.

Factors that influenced on the increase of intensity of creation of Ukrainian linguistic terminology, and also correlation of national and international in the system of these names in diachrony is studied by V. V. Zaharchun. Scientific O. V. Medved analyzed replenishment process of one of the areas of scientific terminology grammatical terminology of Ukrainian language, namely quantitative and qualitative composition in its diachronic and synchronic aspects. Also, scientists have proposed a new periodization of the history of Ukrainian grammatical terminology (seven periods). D. B. Yakymovych-Chapran held lexical-semantic, etymological and structural and grammatical analysis of the vocabulary of XVI XVII centuries. She also concluded the most complete registry of names of linguistic concepts of outlined period pointed to ways and means of terminology in the Ukrainian language.

I. A. Yaroshevich carried out a comprehensive system-structural description and lexical and emantic analysis of morphological Ukrainian terminology of XX the beginning of XXI century.

The scientist found out that researched terminology accompanied by the development of semantic processes as variability, synonyms, antonyms, polysemy, homonymy. A researcher has shown that this development took place in the interaction of genuine Ukrainian and borrowed terms-internationalism.

The study of linguistic terminology in the Ukrainian language is presented in a comparable aspect in dissertations of L. V. Rogach, N. A. Lyashuk and others.

Dissertations that analyse the linguistic and philological terminology in the works of some figures of science and culture are considered in the fourth group of article.

The proposed article will outline prospects for further researches.


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