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Michalik O., Kovalenko M., Salpeten L., Chaban I., Cucurusa L. To the 70-ieth birthday of Liubov Ivanivna Petrukh //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2016. # 842.


Oliana Michalik, Mariia Kovalenko, Lesia Salpeten, Ihor Chaban, Lesia Cucurusa

Lviv National Medical University


To the 70th anniversary of Liubov Ivanivna Petrukh


Michalik O. I., Kovalenko M. M., Salpeten L. S., Chaban I. H, Cucurusa L. V., 2016



On May 24th , 2016 Liubov Petrukh celebrated her 70-th birthday.

Liubov Petrukh is a Ukrainian scientist, a researcher, an inventor, a terminologist and a compiler of a multilingual medical dictionary.

Liubov Petrukh is a Doctor in Pharmaceutical Sciences (1990), a professor (1993), Head of the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Lviv Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University (19912015).

Prof. L. I. Petrukh is a member of Shevchenko Scientific Society (2015), a full member-academician of the Ukrainian International Academy of Preventive Medicine of Shevchenko Scientific Society at Lviv Danylo Halytskyi National Medical University (2009), a member of  Ukrainian National Union of Teachers and Researchers of Lviv (1993), a member of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine (1993), President of the Pharmaceutical Association of Lviv (FAL) (1998), Vice President (1994) and President (2002) of World Federation of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Societies (WFUPhS), an organizer and head of the first WFUPhS Congress in Lviv held on May 2729, 1994 and dedicated to the 125th Anniversary of the Halytskyi Society of Pharmacists.

In 1997 prof. L. Petrukh was awarded a diploma "For Significant Contribution to the Development of the City of Lviv, Scientific and Educational Achievements in the field of  Pharmaceutical Sciences by Lviv City Council, West Regional Department of the Academy of Sciences of Higher School of Ukraine.

Prof. L. Petrukh was awarded a diploma of laureate of the all-Ukrainian project The History of Achievements of Modern Medicine: Modern Medicine and Health Protection in Ukraine (Kyiv, 2010). For a significant contribution to the development of independent Ukraine prof. L. Petrukh was distinguished with an award of The Record of Achievements of Modern Medicine: Successful Professionals of Ukraine (Kyiv, 2011).

Prof. L. I. Petrukh was the first to develop preparative methods of industrial synthesis of 20 new pharmacologically active fluorene derivatives at the Central Laboratory of Lviv factory Reagent, approved by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of the USSR (19831988). Some of the active fluorene were proposed as a new class of potential drugs of antimicrobial and antiviral action.

Prof. L. Petruch is a developer of Ukrainian antimicrobial drug Flurenizide" introduced in The National List of Main (vital) Medicines and Products of Medical Use" by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 16.11.2001, No. 1482. As a dedicated professional prof. L. Petruch implements her own innovative scientific ideas. She organized an industrial production of Flurenizide" in form of tablets and capsules at JSC "Kyiv Vitamin Factory" (2000) and in form of vaginal candles at JSC "Monfarm" (town of  Monastyrysche, Cherkasy region, 2001).

The Flurenizide drug is a subject of many scientific works, including rationalization identity certificates (23), copyright certificates SU (28), patents of Ukraine (59), articles at State Pharmacopoeia of Ukraine (7), information letters for doctors approved by the Ukrainian Centre for Sientific Medical Information and Patent Licensing Work (Ukrmetalurginform), Ministry of Health of Ukraine (14), industry innovation papers of Ministry of Health of Ukraine (5), instructions for medical use of Flurenizide in powder and other dosage forms (5).

Prof L. Petrukhs scientific works formed the basis of such normative and analytical and normative and legislative documents of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as: technical conditions, temporary pharmacopoeial article, a pharmacopoeial article, technological regulations, instructions for medical use of Flurenizide and dosage forms based on it, newsletters and innovations in the health care system.

Newsletters contain medicine recommendations of the following five scientific problems of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine grounded in the principles of evidence-based medicine: "Phthisiology and Pulmonology", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Dermatology and Venereology", "Urology and Nephrology", "Cardiology and Rheumatology", concerning methods effectiveness, schemes of application and doses of Flurenizide and its dosage forms.

7 Doctoral and 48 Master's theses in medicine and pharmacy were defended by scientists of Ukraine in this subject.

Prof. L. I. Petruch is the author of 7 monographies: "The Relevance of Creation and Introducing in Production of New Drugs" (Collection of Descriptions of Inventions) (Lviv, 2003); "Contribution to the Development of Ukrainian Pharmaceutical and Medical Science and Practice, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Lviv National Danylo Halytskyi Medical University. A Historical Sketch for the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Postgraduate Education of LNMU named after Danylo Halytskyi (Lviv, 2005); "Fluorene as Tuberculostatic. Flurenizide: microbiological, pharmacological and clinical aspects" (Lviv, 2008); "Pharmaceutical Education and Language. The Achievements of the Scientific Pharmaceutical Activities" (Lviv, 2011); "Flurenizide: from synthesis to drug standards in the treatment of tuberculosis and chlamydiosis" (Lviv, 2012); "Fluorene Virulicide Action. Antiviral Activity Flurenizide and Prospects for Application in Bioterrorism" (Lviv, 2014); "Chlamydiosis. Flurenizide. Suppositories antichlamidic actions" (Lviv, 2015).

L. Petrukh is the scientific adviser for one doctoral thesis and 6 PhD theses. She continues to act as an opponent of PhD theses, to review scientific papers, monographs and reference books.

Terminological activities of prof. Liubov Petrukh are dedicated to regulation and standardization of Ukrainian medical and pharmaceutical terminology of the XXIst century.

She is a fully dedicated and hard-working professional, who throughout her career life has worked faithfully and enthusiastically with a large team of authors and compiled such medical dictionaries as: A Spelling Dictionary of Medical Terms (Ukrainian Spelling Dictionary of Medical Terms, Lviv, 1993); The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Interpretation Dictionary (ULEMID, Lviv, 1995), compiled during 19901995 and published at the Publishing Union "Dictionary", Lviv State Medical Institute; The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Encyclopedic Dictionary in 4 volumes (ULEMED, Kiev, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016), compiled during 20052015 in collaboration with D., Assoc. Holovko I. M.; The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Encyclopedic Dictionary in one Volume (Kyiv, 2016).

In the twenty-first century the importance of such dictionaries as A Spelling Dictionary of Medical Terms; The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Interpretation Dictionary; The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Interpretation Dictionary in 4 volumes; The Ukrainian-Latin-English Medical Encyclopedic Dictionary in one Volume is great. Their relevance to the history of the Ukrainian language, to the development of science and culture is significant.

The scientific work of prof. Liubov Petrukh results in more than 500 scientific papers.

During the period of Independence of Ukraine L. Petrukh consistently paved the way from her own scientific ideas to the effective application of the Ukrainian drug "Flurenizide".

This way combined such interrelated fields of knowledge as "pharmaceutical science → synthesis → technology → quality control → industrial production of pharmaceuticals → pharmaceuticals → medicine → standards for  treatment of patients with tuberculosis and chlamydiosis".

The pharmaceutical community, friends, colleagues and grateful students heartily congratulate dear L. I. Petrukh on her 70th birthday and wish her good health, much energy and inspiration to implement her new ideas and scientific projects in the name of Ukraine.



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