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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Kochan I. Terminology handbooks end of th beginning of Ist century //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2017. # 869.


Iryna Kochan

Ivan Franko National University of L'viv


TERMINOLOGY HANDBOOKS End of th beginning of Ist century


Kochan I. M., 2017


This article provides an overview of the educational books and textbooks on terminology, textbooks on business language and professional direction of given period, which has relevant sections about terms, terminology and term system. The books, which describes narrow field terminologies, their linguistic peculiarities, formation, development and functioning are reviewed separately.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, textbook, terminology sciense, terminology.


The basis of the professional language is terminology. Therefore, during the classes of professional Ukrainian language terminology is of attention. Educational books help teacher in this case. There are educational books of different kinds and purposes: textbooks, workshops, texts (notes) of lectures, teaching materials and facilities. Handbook a publication that contains a systematic exposition of the discipline (ot its section) corresponding curriculum and officially approved as this type of publication. One of the first textbooks on Ukrainian terminology is the book of the same title written by T. Panko, I. Kochan and H. Matsyuk 1994.

It involves a large amount of unexplored sources, discloses the conceptual bases of different terminologies formation on functional level in scientific use: term appearance, its usability, fixing in the dictionaries, etc; the role of specific individuals in the Ukrainian terminology is clarified.

The book Actual Problems of Ukrainian Terminology by M. Zaryckyj  is a second textbook on terminology in Ukraine. It was published in 2004 and was designed for students of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Publishing and Editing specialty and has seven chapters. The goal, which author-compiler sets is to show students of humanities how such important tool of scientific language as terminology is formed and how it functions.

Some sections about the terms and terminology can be found in textbooks on business and professional language. Nowadays educational programs on professional language include such themes: Term and its Features, General, Interdisciplinary and Highly Specialized Terminology, Methods of Term Building, Peculiarities of Chosen Profession Terminology. Specifically the study Modern Ukrainian Business Language by M. Zubkov (Kharkiv, 2002) has several sections, which refer to the terms and professional language. The same material is repeated in subsequent editions of the author: The Modern Ukrainian Business Language (Kharkiv, 2009) and Modern Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes (Kharkiv, 2006).

In the textbook Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes by S. Shevchuk and I. Klimenko (2011) terminology is discussed in a separate section, which defines and describes such concepts as term, terminology, term system.

Special attention is turned to the books on professional language aimed at specific areas of knowledge. Thus, in recent years a number of textbooks for medicine students has been published. The textbook The Professional Medical Language: (Ukrainian Language for Professional Purposes) by G. Zolotukhin, N. Litvinenko, N. Misnyk was published in 2010. Starting from the 12th theme the feature of this book is that each section is full of professional vocabulary. Although it does not correspond specifically to the term, terminology, term system, however, text, document samples and exercises contain essentially medical terms. Also a tutorial Professional Pharmacist Language by Ye. Svitlychna, A. Berestova, O. Telezhkina was published in 2012. Textbooks on specific areas of knowledge terminologies: law, economics were published. There are many tutorials, workshops, educational materials and, unfortunately, not enough textbooks from other disciplines.


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