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"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"


Khyriwska H. Thematic classification of Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology //  Website of TC STTS: Herald of L'viv Polynechnic National University "Problems of Ukrainian Terminology". 2018. # 890.


Halyna Khyrivska

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University


Thematic classification of Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology


Khyriwska H. P., 2018


Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology has been studied thematically and thematical classification has been fulfiled. Special features of thematical groups of Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology have been analysed.

Keywords: Ukrainian language, pharmaceutical terminology, thematical group, thematical classification.


This article deals with the study of all thematic groups of Ukrainian pharmaceutical terms except for the terms of pharmacoeconomic and pharmaceutical commodity research terminology, which have already been the object of linguistic analysis. In the article the terms of pharmaceutics are analysed for their structural models and they are studied thematically. Thematic groups are distinguished, general description of these terms is given. It is marked in article, that for an analysis the terms of pharmacology on denotation of the names of cooperation of medicinal facilities with organism, name of location of medications, name of the mechanisms and types of action of medicinal substances, names of processes of absorbability, transformation and leading out from organism have been selected. Also, the terms of pharmacotherapy, that give an idea about the correct assigning of medicinal preparations, dosage, foresight of reactions for medications, taking into account features of age of patient etc.

For the analysis of the selected pharmaceutics terms, the materials from textbooks and vocabularies have been used. After the materials collected and worked out it is set in the process of pharmaceutical terminology study, that these terms are mostly one-component and two-component by a structure, considerably rare - three-component, and also single terms are quaternary. Out of 18 distinguished thematic groups of terms there are plenty enough one-component terms (terms on denotation of the names of pharmacological action of medical preparations, name of container, name of ways of introduction of medications, and partly terms of other thematic groups) in this article. Among word combinations structurally repressing there is a percent of two-component terms.

An author pays attention to that in the selected for the analysis group of terms, unlike the terms of pharmacoeconomic and pharmaceutical commodity research terminology (what was studied in the previous research), there is not such clear gravitation to the multicomponent. It should be noted that there is only few examples of multicomponent models, and not a lot of terms with prepositions.

Thus, the used structure of terms has been discovered in the article, pharmaceutical terms are grouped into thematic groups, features of each of the offered thematic groups of pharmaceutical terminology have been distinguished. The results of these studies can be applied to research and practice work of pharmaceutical workers for the conclusion of pharmaceutical dictionaries.


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