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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"






Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. Ukrainian construction with verbal forms in -no, -to against the background of the neighboring Slavic languages

Kozelko I. Terms for definitions of nouns categories in grammar works of the 2030-ies of the end of the XIXth the beginning of XXth centuries

Kochan I. Dynamics of terms with international components in modern Ukrainian language (words with the component hydro-)

Krymets O. Terminologization and determinologization as a result of the interplay of the lingual and scientific world picture

Mykulchyk R. Research of eponyms in Ukrainian terminology


Lexicography and interlanguage relations

Burkovska O. Synonymy and variants in the Ukrainian forestry terminology system

Dutsiak I. Justification of the method to avoid circular definitions in explanatory dictionaries


Natural sciences terminology

Vus M. Ukrainian biological terminology in the aspect of semantic derivation

Kucherenko O. The analysis of legislatively fixed terminology of civil protection sphere (based on The Code of civil protection of Ukraine)

Mentynska I. Correlation of synonyms and variants in modern computer terminology

Nikulina N. Terminology modernization: the transport terminology megasystem concept


Humanitarian sciences terminology

Bulyk-Verkhola S., Tehlivets Y. The genus-species organization of the Ukrainian musical terminology

Fetsko I. Suffixation as a productive way for museum terms creation

Yuzhakova O. Semantic models of nominations with the basic word revolution



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