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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"






Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. Typical syntactic constructions of European standards and their translation into Ukrainian

Pavlova O. The Ukrainian contrastive terminology science: the present state and prospects


Lexicography and interlanguage relations

Albota S. Faustus in English literature: Myth or Symbol?

Dutsiak I. Principles of compiling the dictionary with generalizing definitions

Filippova N., Mitienkova V. The process of developing Ukrainian-Russian-English terminological online dictionary Ship Piping Systems


Natural sciences terminology

Hermanovych H. Medical terms with components derm-, derma-, derm(o)-, dermat(o)- and shkira (skin) in modern Ukrainian language

Yeshchenko T. Medical time as a medicine of lexical expression of the text category informativity

Zubchenko V., Mishura Yu. Standardization of actuarial terminology in non-life insurance

Kalinin I., Bogatyrenko V. Problems of the concept mixture interpretation and compatible terms in the educational literature

Kochan I. A words with the electro- component in the modern Ukrainian literary language

Nikulina N. The palette of the automotive paint nomenclature: structure, semantics and pragmatics

Panasiuk K. Military terminology in the novel by Yurii Shcherbak Weapons of doomsday

Khyriwska H. Thematic classification of Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology


Humanitaian sciences terminology

Fetsko I. Latin terminology as a source of the Ukrainian term museum foundation

Chuyeshkova O. Gender linguistics terminology as a system



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