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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"






Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. Ukrainian verbal nouns in -ння, -ття against a background of the neighbouring Slavic languages

Dutsiak І. Analysis of the definition theory elements in ISO704:2009 Terminology work Principles and methods

Yuzhakova O. Teaching dictionary at a higher educational establishment: place, role, and principles of compiling


Natural sciences terminology

Bohush O. Analytical terms in the system of Ukrainian astronomic terminology

Veremchuk O. Stylistic transposition mathematical terms: codification aspect

Gymer N. Structural analysis of terms of cosmetics and cosmetology

Korneyko I., Pylypenko M. Ukrainian technical terms with procedural meaning

Kochan I. Terms with фіт(o)- фіт(и) in Ukrainian academic speech

Kocherga O., Pilecky V. Interconnection of different-structure verb forms in scientific and technical terminology

Kucherenko E. Terms-composites in Ukrainian and German civil defence term systems

Lukovenko T. The phenomenon of synonymy in Ukrainian homeopathic terminology

Martyniak O. Syntactic variants in Ukrainian sci-tech terminology

Mentynska I. Difficult cases of use of computer terms in the genitive case second declension masculine

Mykulchyk R. Antonymy of Ukrainian physics terms-eponims

Tehlivets Yu. The peculiarities of genus-species relationships of the compound terms with the seme 'water'

Kharchuk L. Terminological word combinations in Ukrainian power engineering terminology


Humanitarian sciences terminology

Bulyk-Verkhola S. The lexical-semantic processes in the Ukrainian musical terminology

Vasylyayko I. Structural-semantical features of terms-word-combinations of modern Ukrainian terminology of cinematographic art

Vaskovets L. Terminologization and determinologization in treasury terminological

Drivko N. Composite terms of component Arch: structural analysis onomasiological

Krokhmalna H. Specific literary term within the scientific text structure (based on studies of Ivan Denisyuk)

Kunch Z. On the problems of translation of Theophanous Prokopovych's rhetorical terms into Ukrainian

Lunyo P. Affixal derivation in terminological system of the constitutional law

Maryanko Yan. Lexical-semantic feature of design terminology in the Ukrainian language

Procyk I. Terms "colour" and "hue" in sociolect of Ukrainian fans

Fetsko I. Publications dedicated to museum studies

Sheremeta N. Legal terminology of the Ukrainian language and the process of its creation

Yakymovych-Chapran D. Synonymy in the Ukrainian linguistic terminological lexicon of the XVIXVII centuries



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