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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"





Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. Active and passive constructions in Ukrainian professional texts

Dutsiak I. Justification of the approach to definitions formulating in explanatory dictionaries

Ivashchenko V. The main strands of terminological research at the turn of XXIst century

Roussu A. Prefixation models of the verb (based on dictionaries of late 20th and early 21stcenturies)


Lexicography and interlanguage relations

Turkevych O. Terms of Ukrainian language education at the stage of harmonization

Yuzhakova O. The translation of Russian adjectives with the components - подобный, -видный and -образный into Ukrainian


Natural sciences terminology

Vus M. Compound terms in Ukrainian biological terminology

Gymer N. Compound names as a productive name type in terminology of cosmetics and cosmetology

Drivko N. Compound terms with the seme structural element of the building: features of attributive components

Knyshenko N. Scientific interpretation of the notions "terminology" and "term system" (as exemplified in the road-building industry terminology)

Kunch Z., Kharchuk L. Semantic potential of Ukrainian electric power engineering  professionalisms and professional jargonisms

Lagdan S. Somatic metaphor in railway terminology

Mentynska I. Lexical and genetic characteristics of modern computer terminology

Mykulchyk R. Variabilityof physical eponymic terms

Nikulina N. Modelling auto transport nimina: the obvious and the incredible

Petrova T. Synonymy and antonymy in Ukrainian phytoameliorative terminology in special dictionaries of early XXI century

Rybizant I. Terms in neurology and their interpretation in the Ukrainian explanatory dictionaries

Fil O. Sources and ways of computer terminology formation in English, Polish and Ukrainian


Humanitar sciences terminology

Bulyk-Verkhola S. The formation of the scientific musical terminology of the Ukrainian language in the VV centuries

Vaskovets L. Peculiarities of treasury term system establishment and development

Horodylovska H. Redefining of the term semantics and the expansion of its function in modern Ukrainian literary language (based on the literary works of Roman Ivanychuk)

Kazymyrova I. Metalanguage of Ukrainian linguistic terminography description

Kochan I. Legal terminology in terms of linguistics

Krymets O. The particularity of structure and presentation of gnostic images of special scientific worldview of politics

Kulchytskyy I., Malyar M., Fil B. Difficult aspects of localizing some terms in applied linguistic

Kucherenko E. Functioning of terms civil protection, civil security and civil defence in modern civil protection terminology

Miahkota I. Synonyms and variants in Ukrainian folklore terminology

Pyshna N. Lexeme ірмос to denote names of chants in religious terminology

Savchenko L. Presentation of terms of ethnophraseology

Farion I. Diachronic Sociolinguistics: History of the Term and the Branch of Linguistics

Fetsko I. Structural models of composite terms with the museum component (based on museum studies terminology)

Khomenska I. The formation of key segments of cognitive linguistics terminology (diachronic and synchronic aspects)

Chernobrov Ju. Features of word combination terminology formation in Ukrainian linguistics



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