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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"






Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. About active, passive and resultative construction in Ukrainian professional texts against a background of the other languages

Kochan I. Terminology handbooks end of th beginning of Ist century

Krimets O. The polysemy of terms as a result of re-integration of scientific knowledge


Lexicography and interlanguage relations

Dutsiak I. Types of definitions on the content of information on the ratio of volumes of definable and contiguous concepts

Koval R., Tyravska O. Problems of rehabilitation terminology translation

Partyko Z. Automatization of functions determination and productivity of terms in terminology systems


Terminology normalization and standardization

Zubkov M., Mykulchyk R., Mysak R. Development of DSTU ISO 860 Terminology work. Harmonization of concepts and terms new edition

Khamar U. Analysis of Ukrainian terminology in the field of theory of cognitive activity used for the designation of actions, events and consequences of events


Natural sciences terminology

Germanovych H. Medical terms with psych(o)- somatic components in modern Ukrainian language

Kunch Z., Kharchuk L. The main formation stages of the ukrainian electric power engineering terminology system

Mentynska I., Nakonechna H. Verbal adjectives in computer terminology

Mykulchyk R. The issue of ukrainian physical eponymic terms spelling

Petrova T. Ways of forming modern Ukrainian phytomeliorative terminology: terminolization of general use vocabulary and reterminolization of vocabulary in other sciences

Khyrivska H. Terms of pharmacoeconomics and pharmaceutical commodity as thematic groups of  Ukrainian pharmaceutical terminology

Yuzhakova O. Peculiarities of term nomination synonymy in the domain of computer linguistics


Humanitaian sciences terminology

Bilousova R. Library and bibliographical terms with the index component in modern Ukrainian language

Nakonechna H., Voznyuk . Somatic theological terms in the system of ukrainian popular botanical names: sociolinguistic aspect

Kozelko I. Grammatical conception of Vasyl Simovych

Chuyeshkova O. Synonymy in the terminology system of gender linguistics



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