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of L'viv Polytechnic National University

"Problems of Ukrainian Terminology"






Theoretical principles of terminology science and lexicography

Ginzburg M. he rules of sia-verb usage in professional Ukrainian texts

Kochan I. Guides on terminology and learning process


Lexicography and interlanguage relations

Bondarchuk L. Functionally adequate translation of scientific literature (on the material of English and Ukrainian texts of economic content)

Deviatko Yu. Electronic multilingual dictionary of dental terms: theoretical aspects and attempt of construction

Yuzhakova O., Gura V. Lexicographical study as the representation of the material culture of the preceding generations (on the basis of the analysis of The dictionary and reference book of the old and dialect names of dishes, foodstuffs as well as kitchen utensils in different Ukrainian regions compiled by H. Vivat)


Natural sciences terminology

Burkovska O. The role of the Ukrainian Economic Academy in Podebrady (Czech Republic) for development of Ukrainian forestry terminology

Vlakh M. The role of metaphor in the development in geographical terminology

Voznyuk H., Nakonechna H. Borrowings in the system of Ukrainian financial and economic termi-nology: the problems of adaptation

Germanovych G. Medical terms with cardi(o)- and heart components in modern Ukrainian language

Doroshenko S. Specificity of sectoral structure of term systems (based on the example of Ukrainian terminology of oil and gas industry)

Zubchenko V., Mishura Yu. Standardization of actuarial and financial terminology

Konivitska T. Phraseological units in Ukrainian economic terminology

Kunch Z., Kharchuk L. Polysemy in Ukrainian electric power engineering terminology

Lukovenko T. Suffixe method of creation of terms in homoeopathy

Mentynska I., Nakonechna H. Structural and word formation peculiarities of modern computer terminology

Mykulchyk R. Thematic classification of physical terms eponyms

Nikulina N. Phenomenon of polysemy in terminology science (based on transport megasystem terminology)

Faichuk T. Structural and stylistic features of popular scientific genre books of XVIII of century

Farion I. To the history of scientific language in thoughts of Ivan Puliui


Humanitaian sciences terminology

Albota S. symbol vs image: to the question of terminology variability

Bulyk-Verkhola S. Antonymic relations in Ukrainian musical terminology

Horodylovska H. Medical terms as a part of Roman Ivanychuks idiostyle

Dutsiak I. The analysis of a problem of definition of vague predicates

Zhanhazinova R. Borrowing in the Ukrainian literary terminology of late XIX early XX century

Kozelko I. Linguistic terminology as object of scientific research in the late XX early XXI century

Krymets O. Extralingual factors and dynamics semantic terms

Mazur T., Korol Ye. Comparative analysis of urban meaning of the terms industrial and residential area technopolis

Panasyuk K. Modern Ukrainian rocket artillery terminology: structural analysis

Polishchuk N. Activity of innovative processes in the vocabulary of modern media

Protsyk I. Football teaches to defend and gain: thematic classification of Ukrainian football terminology at the end of the ղth beginning of the th centuries

Syvokin G., Maryanko J., Cartel T., Zaitseva O. Epistemic modality in scientific and popular discourse about teaching of learning material

Chuyeshkova O. Formation of gender linguistics term system

Yakymovych-Chapran D. The contribution of Adelfotesauthors union into Ukrainian terminology in the late XVIXVII cen.


information, PROCEEDINGS, opinions

Michalik O., Kovalenko M., Salpeten L., Chaban I., Cucurusa L. To the 70-ieth birthday of Liubov Ivanivna Petrukh



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